International Women’s Day.

Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex.

Windsor, Meghan HRH Duchess of Sussex 4/8/1981

Michael: This fragment is a mid-cycle mature artisan in the tradition of the deceased mother fragment who was Diana, Princess of Wales — third life thereat.  Meghan is in the observation mode with a goal of acceptance.  An idealist, Meghan is in the moving part of emotional centre. 

Meghan’s primary chief feature is self-deprecation and the secondary of mild impatience. 

Meghan’s body type is Venus/Solar. 

The fragment Meghan is fourth-cast in the fifth cadence.  Meghan is a member of greater cadence four.  Meghan is a member of entity one, cadre six, greater cadre 7, pod 418 — she is an entity mate of both her spouse, HRH Prince Henry of Wales with whom she shares 20 past lives and also an obvious entity mate of Her Majesty, The Queen. 

Meghan’s essence twin is an artisan and the task companion a warrior. 

Meghan’s three primary needs are: expression, acceptance and expansion.

There are 4 past-life associations with Arvin and 6 with Merlin. 

Incidentally, this artisan has been a member of the British royal family twice before.  Firstly, as Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby, she was the cousin of King Henry VI and mother of King Henry VII.  As such she was the matriarch of the House of Tudor.  Her grandson was Henry VIII and her great-granddaughter, Elizabeth I. 

This artisan in that lifetime was involved in the sacraments of the church being included in the newly established college system.  She founded Christ College, Cambridge and was instrumental with the founding of St. John’s College as well. 

Secondly, she was HRH Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany and younger brother to George III, whose father the Prince of Wales, HRH Prince Frederick died before ascending the throne after George II.  In that lifetime, the artisan (now Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex) was interested in military structure.  He, of course, died young of a then unknown illness but which had to do with dysentery. 

Incidentally, in the current incarnation, Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex has suffered from gastroenteritis, which is related to the last-life health issues – this is the immediate past life and not that in 18th century when the artisan died aged 28.  


Thomas Markle Sr. 18/7/1944 Monkey 9.7.7 = 5.

Meghan, is guided by an inner voice that in not deterred by petty persons of any kind; this includes her father, Thomas Markle Sr., Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. All three of these persons have 9 in their numerology and they are all without exception, as is every person with 9, petty persons who fault-find, will do everything to sabotage or fuck with someone who outshines them. This dynamic is further validated by HM King George V, who had the exact numerology as Prince William.

HRH Prince William 21/6/1982 Dog, 3.9.2 = 5.

HM King George V 3/6/1865 Ox, 3.9.2 = 5.

One of the reasons why HM King Edward VIII rebelled and ultimately abdicated, was due to the insufferable berating, fault-finding, bullying of his father HM King George V. George was possessed of 9 and like William, they are all coercive, bullying, snobbish, petty and feel themselves perfectly entitled to interfere in anyone’s life, regardless being king or mere mortal. These are extremely difficult people to be around.

HM King Edward VIII 23/6/1894 Horse 5.2.6 = 4.

Add to that, HM King Edward VIII was a horse. These are resolutely independent, strong-willed persons and his immediate reaction to his father would have been a firm ‘fuck you!’

Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Rooster 9/1/1982, 9.1.3 = 4

As if her father and William were not enough toxicity to have to deal with, Meghan also has had to deal with yet another toxic 9, with whom she would never in a million years get along, Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge. Also, like Meghan, born in the year of the Rooster, Catherine is even more toxic than her husband as her 9 is first-placed. I also happen to be firmly of the opinion that Carole, her mother, would be a chiefly instigating, toxic adviser behind the scenes with regards the Cambridges’ response to Meghan.

Carole Middleton 31/1/55 Goat 4.5.7 = 7.

Incidentally, like HM The Queen and Diana, Princess of Wales, and Thomas Markle Sr., Carole Middle has two 7s in her numerology, which would leave William controlled by her. Add to all that William and Catherine have two numbers in common 3 & 9. In both their cases, unlike Meghan’s, neither is self-made and this is one reason why they are so threatened and intimidated by her.

Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex 4/8/1981 Rooster, 4.3.4 = 11

With two fours, Meghan is self-made and grounded with a keen intellect (3) and most of all she has master numbers of 11; she is simply not here to be bullied, eat humble pie and she would never suffer being treated differently for being black or a woman. This is the soul which previously when incarnate was the Tudor matriarch, Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother to HM King Henry VII, grandmother to HM King Henry VIII and great-grandmother to HM Queen Elizabeth I. For having accomplished as much in that past life, she is always going to stand out like a beacon with stellar star power on the order of Diana, Princess of Wales. William like his father Charles was simply not prepared to have someone be more popular than either he or his wife.

More than that, like all scholar souls, William is an arrogant, know-it-all, showoff but of one thing both Meghan and HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, her husband, are certain, William is an oaf. He is the wizard of Windsor, as he is always smoothly scripted, the moment he goes off piste, it readily reveals what a weak, petty and clueless dolt he is.

Far be it from the royal rota to run away with that one clip of the discord in the Cambridge’s ill-façaded marriage. For all the world to see, the Cambridges rowed on the way home to Buckingham Palace on their wedding day. The Sussexes have no time for the Cambridges and their BS. Quite rightly, they did the one thing that neither the Cambridges nor the royal rota, which were unrelentingly racially predatory towards Meghan, could have anticipated, they simply exited the stage.

Diana, Princess of Wales 1/7/1961 Ox 1.8.7 = 7.

There goes all that royal rota advertising cash bonanza created by Meghan, a woman more exciting and stylish than Catherine and has not excited nor been more loved by the camera since, Diana, Princess of Wales. The one thing that truly infuriated the royal rota and Catherine is Meghan’s undeniable intellect. She is articulate and has stage presence in abundance. Meghan is gifted whereas for Catherine, a mic is Kryptonite.

The Sussexes, chiefly Meghan, she who was previously the Tudor Matriarch, know that HM The Queen does not have another 20 years as sovereign, neither will HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales’ reign run to 20 years. Best to get out now than have to endure the wait for William to be king when he will then be even more unbearable.

HRH Prince George of Cambridge 22/7/2013 Snake, 4.2.8 = 5.

One thing that is bound to play itself out in the future, is that almost as though scripted, William will treat his son HRH Prince George of Cambridge, exactly as HM King George V treated HM King Edward VIII. Like HM King Edward VIII, George has a 5 in his makeup and he will also see through his father.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor 6/5/2019 Pig 6.2.5 = 4.

HRH Prince Henry Duke of Sussex 15/9/1984 Rat 6.6.1 = 4.

Moreover, HRH Prince George of Cambridge is an entity mate of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s and they in turn both are cadre mates of Meghan, Harry, HM The Queen and Doria Ragland.

Doria Ragland 2/9/1956 Monkey 2.2.4 = 8.

Incidentally, Doria & HM The Queen are both Slaves in dominance – that explains Harry’s attraction to his mother-in-law.

William betrays his bigotry by never having once toured a predominantly black Commonwealth Nation, even though, one would think that he would love to have toured Kenya by now and made a speech about what a special place the country holds for him as it was there that his wife accepted his proposal to be his bride. In driving Meghan away, William and Catherine have threatened to ruin HM The Queen’s proudest legacy, the Commonwealth.

HM Queen Elizabeth II 21/4/1926 Tiger 3.7.7 = 8.

In response, HM The Queen quite rightly sabotaged William’s future reign by stripping Harry of his military titles, which William had hoped, like being the Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth, the Sussexes would retain so that he and Catherine could avoid having to deal with all those black people, though, they are always eager to visit, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Australia, Canada and of all places Bhutan.

As when previously incarnate as Margaret Beaufort, Meghan will in this lifetime always be resolute in making a mark as a strong feminist – she’s got a prior lifetime of experience as Tudor Matriarch. Here’s to a strong woman, a strong black woman, a mother, self-made careerist, humanitarian, a feminist and someone who would never settle for being bullied by anyone possessed of 9 in their numerological makeup.

For now, I am thoroughly besotted by drinking of Dame Hilary Matel’s historical portrait of the Tudor dynasty as I explore book one of her Man Booker Prize winning Tudor trilogy, Wolf Hall.


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