Fashion Trifecta!

No longer hamstrung and told that one cannot outshine the Edward Gorey mousy, though decidedly boorish, bore, Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan, the black Duchess was able to hit her stride and shine. I love that, ‘this little light of mine’ was recently played on the Sussexes’ Instagram account.

Prince Harry and Meghan arrive to attend the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey this afternoon

Sheer sartorial splendour, the black Duchess in Emilia Wickstead. The triumphant Sussexes attending the 2020 Commonwealth Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.

Coming through like a true Queen in Safiyaa whilst attending the Mountbatten Festival of Music at Royal Albert Hall.

Marvellous turquoise dress by Victoria Beckham whilst attending the Endeavour Awards at Mansion House.

What I love about this iconic photograph of the star-crossed lovers, is how the rainfall signals the abundance of love and fortune that is theirs. Furthermore, the light in back of them in the last photograph, hauntingly resonates with that tunnel in Paris where fatefully Diana, Princess of Wales departed incarnate life. I don’t see this as ominous, rather it attests to the guidance that they are afforded by Diana, Princess of Wales from the astral plane. Remember, Diana had two 7s in her numerology [1/7/1961 1.8.7 = 7]; these are persons who are deeply spiritual and innately connected to the hidden realms. With her passing, Diana for having been so attuned whilst incarnate would be even more so attuned to the incarnate bonds left behind – especially so when her departure was so abrupt – like HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex in particular who need and is deserving of her support.


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